Thursday, 29 March 2012

For the love of cinnamon...

One of my favorite spices from the "masala" dabbas that adorn every Indian kitchen is "daal-chini" or Cinnamon. I have loved it since my childhood days when my mom would very generously add cinnamon to so many of her dishes. The aroma, the flavor and the warm tinge of fragrance, all brings back sweet memories from some very distant past maybe from my previous birth. Of course because of my love for Cinnamon, I have always been drawn towards Cinnamon flavored aroma therapy oils and cinnamon scented candles. I still remember buying a huge pack of Cinnamon flavored Wrigley's chewing gum, which I haven't found anywhere after that... It was simply delicious!

Just lately, I was reading a Mills & Boons Novel, in which the leading lady who is a scriptwriter seems to be hooked on Cinnamon flavored Altoids. For those who are at a loss here, let me explain that Altoids are these supposedly very strong mints and are available in these cute but originally classic tin containers. They call themselves Curiously Strong Mints and well to be fair they sure are on the stronger side especially if your experience with mints in restricted to Polos, Mintos and Center Fresh :P But curiously strong? No I don't think so... How do I know about it? Cause I am a sucker for mints... simple :)

So imagine my joy when I read about Cinnamon flavored Altoids! Mints that too Cinnamon flavored! Wow! :) If only I could get my hands on a tin of Altoids, I would be in #flavourheaven... So I decide the next time my friends plan on coming from the US, I would ask them to get me a couple of tins of this promising concoction of flavours... But God had planned something else :)

Last weekend, I went grocery shopping to my favorite super market, when next to the billing counter, where they generally stock on chocolates to tempt people to buy them impulsively, I saw two innocent little tins of Cinnamon flavored Altoids! Can you even imagine my excitement! hahaha... Then I ask how much they cost and the billing guy tells me Rs.180/-... 180 bucks for mints! WTF... Hahhhahaha.. but then of course I bought it ;) I am impulsive I tell you and ok maybe a bit reckless too ;) #storyofmylife

They are DELICIOUS! :D

Have you tried these Cinnamon Altoids?


  1. hey lovely blog Suma :) ur a talented woman ....

  2. Even I like putting cinnamon in all curries.. heheh

    btw- this is just like the law of attraction thingy. happens to me too. I crave for something a lot and few days later I happen to see it at the most unexpected place.. hehe :D

  3. Haven't tried these...but after this I def Wana! ;)

  4. have not tried but would love to if i spot them :)

  5. wow am gonna hunt for this for sure :D :D


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