Friday, 23 March 2012

Cosmopolitan, Grazia, Harper's Bazaar....

I totally love my magazines! Don't get me wrong... I love my books as well but I adore my time spent with fashion and beauty magazines... The fetish started with my mom's Femina and Savvy but as I grew up I knew they weren't for me. I was left wishing for something with a bit more spunk and enter my first Cosmopolitan :) Then I tried Elle, which I didn't like cause it was all photos and brands that I didn't recognize. Now I feel I have grown up and enjoy Harper's Bazaar more than a Cosmo. Of course Cosmo holds a special place in my heart still but I guess with the change in the magazine format with the change in the editor, I am now not craving it as much as I craved it before :) Harper's Bazaar is doing it for me nowadays ;)

Cosmo comes second and Grazia a close 3rd. Surprisingly, I am now finding the new Femina very akin to the older Cosmo and well though Femina now has become an interesting read while waiting in the beauty salons, it being half the price of Cosmo, it is seeing a way onto my bed stand as well ;)

Just last night before going to bed the "pati" was leafing through my March editions of Grazia and HBazaar while waiting for me to finish with my cleansing, exfoliating and moisturising routine when he exclaims "oye same girl in same clothes in both the magazines"... LOL.. I calmly make him understand that both the magazines are covering the same fashion shows... so then he asks "SO why do you have to buy both the magazines when both are covering the same events"... I still more patiently explain it to him that both mags give different points of view of the same collection and the same trends... He again asks "but isn't your opinion about what trends you want to follow more important than anyone else's"... Well I have to say I was stumped at that #1pointforthepati :D


  1. Haha! Guys have such a diff viewpoint na?

    Cosmo was my very first luv...i still remember when my dad gifted me a 2yr membership o the mag...felt soo gud i tell u...

    but i agree..these days, harpers bazar maks more sense to me..much more appealing..

    1. hahaha this was a hillaious read..!!

  2. yup Zara Cosmo is cosmo even though itas gotten monotonous now... my first fashion mag as well :)


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