Monday, 26 March 2012

Late lunches on Sunday Afternoons...

Everyone of us have a special specific routine of spending a Sunday afternoon. Ok even if you dont have a routine, but you do routinely not have a routine on a Sunday right? Do I even make any sense here? :P The "pati" and I have a specific routine for every Sunday we spend together, I say that cause I am in Mumbai on many a Sundays ;) Coming back to the routine, its mostly waking up really late mid-morning and then "grazing" on some fruits and maybe a glass of cold coffee... And by the time hunger really kicks in its almost 3:00 pm... So what do we do? We end up going to one of our numerous fav eating joints that are generally around our place #storyofmylife

This Sunday though was a bit different... We both ended up craving for some veg food, South Indian especially and well decided to head to Fergusson College Road to a very popular Udipi restaurant called Vaishali. Now Vaishali is a very famous joint in Pune and has been on the scene since eternity. Literally! Stop anyone on the road and they'll tell you they went to Vaishali when they were in college and yes I mean stop an uncle and he'll tell you that, stop a retired aunty and she'll tell you the same. Vaishali is full at 7:00 am, it is full at 1:00 pm, it is full at 4:30 pm and it is full at 10:00 pm... So basically going to Vaishali is like trying your luck for a table :) Pune-ites reading this do corroborate :)

So anyways, we leave home for Vaishali and this time I ask the "pati" to drive cause I wanted to soak in the afternoon sun, feel the 10kms short journey and just enjoy the city deep in its afternoon siesta :) Yes you can sure feel my love for Pune can't you? :) Haha feel my love reminds me of that Telugu movie Arya, which has this super melodious song called feel my love :) Totally #loveit...

While "feeling" the city, I took some pics of it and I am sharing them with you here :)

So anyways once we are about to reach Vaishali, I turn to the "pati" and tell him "KFC Vaishali ke peechhe hi hai, KFC chale" (KFC is just behind Vaishali, should we go to KFC?) and he looks at me with this expression that says "Babe I chose right when I married you" #1pointforthepati and well needless to say we spent the Sunday afternoon munching on some crunchy Fried Chicken ;)

Vaishali? you ask... Maybe next time ;)


  1. haha....i know wht its like.Happens to us lot many times. ;) loved the 2nd pic a lot. <3

  2. Haha! Lovely read babe.. I so know how crowdedvaishali is.. It's impossible p one a seat there..and once u do, u havesomeone standing right besides ur table waitin fr u t finish..hehe..I'd have done exactl wot u did ;)

    Btw hav u tried cafe good luck? They have amazing kpcicken kheema

  3. Awwwww...I <3 you for putting up pics of FC road....I miss Mocha!! I am from Pune and came to California in 2009....I visited Pune for 3 weeks in January and spent all my time on FC Road at Aroma's or having Momos.....I miss Pune so much....BTW, I stay in Kothrud....

  4. Loved the second picture... :-) :-) very natural and just superb.. mushy mushy..

  5. wowww I miss vaishali and the chat corner too... thanks for the piccys babe!
    and those are such cutie pics :) (of you both)

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