Sunday, 18 March 2012

You know you talk a lot when...

You know you talk a lot when you tend to run out of people to talk to and you need to resort to blogging about all your rants and ramblings. The latest victim of such a phenomenon is moi and well the less I talk about this the better. But then isn't that the whole point of blogging about your rants at random hours of the day especially when there is an IndoPak match going on and you can hear loads of swearing and cheering from the room adjacent to where you are sitting and ranting pouring your heart out to random strangers (no offense really). Now the question arises that if I already have a blog then why would I want to start another one? Well the thing is my other blog (ISimplyLoveMakeup) is purely a makeup blog and I want to stick to my principles aka Amitabh Bachchan in Mohabbatein and do not want the winds of change to touch my makeup blog even though convenience and practicality say the opposite :P Yup I am like that at times! No wonder people refuse to listen to my ramblings and I need to resort to rant blogging #storyofmylife sighhhhh...

So people in short, welcome to my blog where you will be bombarded with my shit (figuratively of course) and well of course you get to see a totally different side of me #icouldbeagemini.


  1. everyone need a good rant sometime!

  2. Replies
    1. ahahahaha i'llgive u so much Sukanya that you'll need a different blog to only bitch about me ;) hahahahha

  3. hehe... we all are here.... get set talk .....:))))

  4. I really want to see the different side of you! Keep ranting! :p

  5. Hifi suma...congoss for the new blog...nice name....123 start!!!!!

    1. hey pavani :) thank u ;) and welcome to my "ranting" :D


Oh yeah if I am allowed to give you shit, then it is only fair that you gimme yours too ;)