Tuesday, 27 March 2012

My Punto's Maiden Drive on the Mumbai Pune Expressway...

You know the feeling when your baby first starts school, or is selected monitor in class or represents his/her house in the Annual sports? That feeling of exhilaration, the moment of pride? Well thats exactly how I felt when the "pati" and I decided to drive down to Lonavla/Khandala at night from Pune. The subject here is my Fiat Punto, which is my baby in every sense of the word :) When I bought it two years back, it was a huge purchase off my salary (though my parents chipped in a bit :P) and well purchasing my car marked the beginning of my adulthood :)

Can you even imagine how must I have felt? :) Well after two years the feeling came back last Sunday when we had to go to meet a relative in Lonavla and we decided to drive down :) It was my little baby's maiden drive on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway! :D Of course the Punto had delivered itself well on various National and State highways but people this is the expressway I am talking about! Now for those who don't belong to this part of the country might not understand the implication of driving on the Expressway... Let me explain... The Mumbai-Pune Expressway was an ambitious project taken up by the government of Maharashtra that on completion has reduced the 5 hours drive (without a traffic jam) and 8 hours drive (with a traffic jam) between Mumbai and Pune to 2 hours flat! #JaiHoTechnology.

The recommended speed for cars on the Expressway is 90km/hr, though everyone averages around 100-110 km/hr. Thus if you are not on the right lane or are not driving at the average speed then you are destined to doom with a huge boom! The Expressway is like this sacred way to your destination and is looked on with pride by both Mumbai-kars and Pune-ites alike, with of course the residents of Lonavla and Khandala pitching in as well :) Thus the maiden drive on this highway was special for my baby girl :)

My makeup for the journey ;)

We finished the 50 kms drive in about 40 mins without any halts. We started from Pune at around 8:00 pm, reaching Lonavla at about 8:42pm... Met up with relatives, bought Lonavla special "Maganlal" Chikki and choco fudge, started for Pune at about 12:30 am and reached home by 1:15 am.

It was a wow experience and my Punto fared really well :) Proud of you baby girl :)


Oh yeah if I am allowed to give you shit, then it is only fair that you gimme yours too ;)